When to Order Your Wedding Signage & How to Store Your Signage

Ordering your personalized wedding signage is an important step in planning your big day! Whether it’s directing your guests, displaying your seating chart, or simply adding a decorative element to your venue, the right signage can elevate the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

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The timing of when you order your wedding signage can greatly impact if you are able to work with your preferred vendor. If you’re wondering when the best time is to order your custom wedding signage with us is, we recommend considering the following factors:



A huge factor when looking at when to order your wedding signage should be the time of year you are getting married. 

During peak season (May - September), it’s recommended that you allow ample time for the designing, production, and shipping of your order. During these months, we recommend ordering 2 months in advance if possible.

During the off season (October - April), we recommend placing your order at least 3 weeks in advance.

This is a general guideline for couples looking to purchase medium to large packages with us! However, we understand that some couples may only need a few signs! 



Another factor to consider is the number of signs you are needing for your event. Full packages will take longer to design, create, and ship than a smaller order with minimal signs. The larger the package, the earlier we recommend ordering!



The type of signs you are ordering will also impact your suggested timeline. For example, a seating chart requires many hours of designing and reviewing to complete, where as a favours sign is fairly quick for us to create!

If you are ordering a seating chart or place cards and are worried that you won't have your final guest list until a few weeks before your wedding, we recommend placing your order along with your other signage and finalizing your list with us at a later date to ensure we can take on your order!



Lastly, your location matters! If your order requires shipping, this will need to be taken into consideration when ordering your signage. Once your order leaves our shop, it is in the hands of the postal system. We do our best to ensure your order will arrive early and offer shipping upgrades if needed. If your order is going to be picked up locally, you may not need to order as far in advance.

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Yay! You received your wedding signage, now what?!

We recommend keeping your signs in the original packaging to avoid collecting dust or scratching the acrylic or paint. On your wedding day, we recommend designating someone to be in charge of your wedding signage (wedding planner, friend, cousin, etc!) - ensure this person is equipped with a microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints that may have transferred during setup. We do not recommend using a paper towel or a regular cloth, as this will scratch the acrylic.


If you have any questions about when to order your signage or how to care for your signage until the big day, please reach out to us for assistance!


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